Hair Extensions

Achieve any hair style you desire with hair extensions!

Hair extensions are designed to give you the hair you are looking for quickly. Celebrities use extensions to change their hairstyle regularly to achieve the look they want, and so could you. With hair extensions, you can achieve any hair style you desire whether extreme or subtle — it all depends on what you are looking for. We offer a large variety of options so you can choose your hair type, thickness, color and highlights, and can have your hair as straight, wavy, or curly as you want.

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Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Cold Fusion extensions are attached to your own natural hair, strand-by-strand. This creates the most natural look. The keratin polymer leaves the hair more flexible, comfortable and easier to style.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot fusion extensions (aka Keratin extensions) are the most commonly used hair extensions method. Women prefer the hot fusion technique because they are long-lasting, fast and secure.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro links is a natural looking extension that easily attaches to your own natural hair without the use of braids, heat, adhesives, chemicals, sewing, or braiding. Last up to 5 months.

Hair Weave Extensions

Hair weaves are an economical way to add length and volume since the hair is machine made weft. They’re great for those working on growing their own natural hair back. Last 4-8 weeks.

Clip On Hair Extensions

Clip-ons are the easiest, the most lightweight and safest way to add more hair. Whether you want to add more hair or you crave a new bold look and fun, you can place these clip on extensions.

Brazilian Knots

With this method, a thread is wrapped around the hair shaft so it’s undetectable and easy to apply. Strands of hair can be added without bonds or links and relatively no damage to your hair.

Strip Bonds

Fast, easy to apply and the least expensive option, strip bonds are great when you just want a little extra hair for a short term occasion (1-2 weeks) or a wedding, prom, or just for fun.

Feather Hair Extensions

Simple to install and reusable, feather hair extensions are popular. We offer an all-natural, high-quality and hand-tied feather extension. Our technique allows the extensions to remain in up to 2 months.

Shrinkie Hair Extensions

With shrinkies, you cannot feel the extension at all, they are very light and almost entirely invisible. And they will last up to 3-4 months.

Bonding Extensions

This method is for very short term use (wedding, prom) where you just want that little extra bump to your hair. Least expensive option. Uses safe hypo allergenic bonds. Can be removed easily.

Link & Sew Hair Extensions

Recommended for clients who want to add length & volume as they are growing their own natural hair. We braid little cornrows into your natural hair & sew new hair weft onto these braids.