Sep. 13, 2022

12″ Lace Front Human Hair

Sep. 1, 2022

12″ Heat Resistant Synthetic Hand-Tied

Aug. 25, 2022

14″ Lace Front French Top Human Hair
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Alicia Lush

November 10, 2022

I was referred to the hair place by my oncologist at MSK and I couldn’t be happier. As soon as I started talking to Andrew I knew I wasn’;t going anyplace else. They took time to guide me to make the right decisions. I purchased a wig and had a halo made out of my daughter in laws hair. I am so pleased with both purchases. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you hair place for making a hard time in my life so much easier.. I’ll be back.

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Cathy Stephenson

October 29, 2022

I had an absolutely amazing experience. I was extremely upset at the prospect of losing my hair from chemotherapy. Happily, I now have a halo made with my own hair by Elise, and I am no longer upset at all. I have my hair and I feel like me. It’s really amazing. Elise treated me with such love and care as she cut my hair in order to make it into a halo. I expected it to be a very traumatic day, but it wasn’t. And now, just a week later, the halo itself is perfect. It’s me! I feel like me. Thank you Elise and The Hair Place!

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Jayne Asher

October 27, 2022

I went here 5 years when going thru chemo for breast cancer. They have a wonderful selection of wigs. All types of hair, styles, lengths and warm and compassionate staff. I am on my second wig just because I love the wig better then my hair.( which grew back after a year of chemo) They wash, cut and style my wigs. I have only the nicest things to say. My stylist Susie is wonderful. You must come here for your wigs.

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September 29, 2022

I came in for an in person consultation with Alexander after a zoom consultation nine months ago. Alexandra was very helpful during each visit. She gave me good advice about which type of hair piece (topper or wig) I would be most comfortable wearing. I really appreciated her honesty and sincerity. I will try certain things now before I purchase a new topper or try a wig for the first time. Andrew is also marvelous on the phone and in person. He’s very real, knowledgeable and helpful. His is a very special salon. I highly recommend it and Alexandra.

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June 10, 2022

Trinita is wonderful. She initially assisted me with picking out the perfect wig when I lost all my hair. Now that it has grown back, she colors, styles and cuts my hair in the most flattering way. She always tells you the condition of your post chemo hair and advises what can be done given the delicate condition of post chemo hair. Trinita has a wonderful positive attitude. Her kindness and attention to detail make it a wonderful experience. She knows what you are going through and helps you make selections that will make you feel beautiful and confident. Post chemo, through all growing stages, she will make you look your best. I highly recommend her.

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Barbara Kalish

June 1, 2022

I needed a wig in preparation for hair loss due to chemo. Anthony was very accommodating and knowledgeable about wigs and the whole process from technical information about the wigs to insurance. This made everything so much easier. He was also very helpful with the selection of the wig and how to care for it. Who knows, maybe I will continue to wear it even when no longer needed. Could end those bad hair days.

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