This hair extension method reduces stress on your own hair so you experience more comfort and less hair loss. Similar to a weave, this technique leverages micro links sewn-in at the scalp instead of braiding the hair. We pull the hairs from both sides of your scalp through the links and sew the weft hair extension to the linked row of hair.

INSTALLATION: We recommend microlink sew-in hair extensions for clients who want to add length and volume as they are working on growing their own natural hair. This extension method generally lasts 4-8 weeks and it can be washed/styled as you would your own hair. Bimonthly maintenance is required, and we recommended they be removed by a professional. The linked row lays flatter on the head so you get less traction and hair loss. It generally doesn’t pull the hair at the root, which can happen with a weave braid during the first week or until your hair grows in.

  • Adds length & volume
  • Allows hair to grow back
  • Lasts 4-8 weeks
  • Wash & style like natural hair
  • Doesn’t pull at the root


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