Cold fusion hair extensions are the latest and preferred method since they are free-flowing, easy to apply, and are re-useable for one year. This method causes the least damage to your hair since the hair is already pre tipped and don’t require heat or bonds. A keratin tipped strand is attached to hair with a copper cylinder. Though more expensive than hot fusion, this method is gentle, less detachable, and doesn’t require heat to apply them.

  • Service every 6 to 8 weeks
  • Hair can be reused for over a year
  • Easily applied to your own hair

How To Install Cold Fusion Extensions

Hair Extensions_ How To Install Cold Fusion

Cold fusion extensions are applied by using a strand-by-strand technique. Strands of human hair are inserted into a tiny cylinder, then compressed to the root of your own hair.

Each strand has approximately 50-75 pre-keratin tipped length hairs (25-50 strands in a bundle).

After the link slides up the hair shaft to your scalp, the link is compressed closed. Glue is NOT used. Color or highlights can be added without damage.

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