Braid-and-sew, also known as hair weaves, is a sew-in hair extension consisting of small cornrow braids used as anchors and attached with hair wefts by a needle and weaving thread. This method is a great choice to add a lot of hair, and they are economical since the weft extensions are machine-made. The typical application is 2-4 rows of hair. With this option, you can change your look in an instant! Also see link-and-sew for less noticeable extensions!

  • Service every 6-8 weeks
  • Can be reused for over a year
  • Easily sewn to a braid of your own hair

How To Install Braid & Sew Extensions

Hair Extensions_ How To Install Braid & Sew

With hair weaves, your hair is prepared with little braids (or cornrows) in the direction you want the weaves to lie. A weft is then sewn into the braid hair.

Once applied, you can wash and style the weaves as you would your own hair. With a knowledgeable hair stylist, hair weaving can be applied in less than 2 hours. A service is generally needed every 4-6 weeks, depending on the growth of your natural hair.

A professional should remove weaves so you avoid cutting your own hair during the removal process. Not recommended for those with sensitive scalps.

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