Sew in extensions are a great way to add length and volume, and commonly used to conceal thinning while growing your own natural hair. They are also a very economical way to add hair because the extensions are usually weft machine made hair. It’s a great option for changing your look in an instant!

INSTALLATION: Little braids or cornrows are prepared in the direction you want the hair to lie. The weft hair is then sewn, or woven, into your natural braided hair. Once applied, you can wash and style them as you would your own hair. Weaves generally last 4-8 weeks, when your own hair grows in. We recommended a professional remove them.

PRICE: $100 per row for the application. $250 per row with the human hair included up to a 14″ length.

  • Economical way to add a lot of hair
  • Adds high density & length in 1 session
  • Integrates into any part of the head
  • Can be combined with other methods
  • Can be detected by touch due to the braid
  • Must be removed with every service
  • Not for those with sensitive scalps
  • Can be time consuming to apply


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