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We carry everything you need to style and care for your wig- wig stands, wig caps, wide-tooth combs, shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, wig grips, double sided tape and more. FREE wig consultations, Wig Care Kit and styling lesson with every purchase!

  • Wig care & styling products
  • Wig grips, tape & clips
  • Free Wig Care Kit with purchase ($500 value)
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Our Wig Products

Below is a sample of our wigs. Click below to view the details any wig or view our entire catalog at www.adwigs.com.

Wig Net (Black)

Wig Accessories_ Wig Net

Wig Brush

Wigs Accessories_ Wig Brush

Wig Washing Kit

Wig Accessories_ Wig Kit

Wig Carry Case (Small)

Wig Accessories_ Wig Carry Case
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