Wigs - Lace Front Wigs

Our lace front wigs provide you with the most natural look. Each strand is hand-knotted onto a soft, lace material to give you a realistic effect at the hairline. When blended with your skin tone, the lace front is undetectable.

  • Premium human hair
  • Hand-knotted onto a soft, lace material
  • Natural-looking effect at the hairline
  • Can be blended with your skin tone
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Our Wigs

Below is a sample of our wigs. Click below to view the details any wig or view our entire catalog at www.adwigs.com.

Angel 14″ Human Hair

Lace Front Wigs_ Angel 14″ Human Hair

Penn Station 16″

Lace Front Wigs_ Penn Station 16″ Human Hair

Leanna 18″ Human

Lace Front Wigs_ Leanna 18″ Human Hair

Rockett 20″ Euro

Lace Front Wigs_ Rockett 20″ Euro
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