Wigs - European Wigs

Our European wigs are designed using the finest quality of human hair. With a thinner hair diameter and softer texture, these wigs are lightweight and feel incredibly comfortable and cool. They are hand-tied in the same direction, giving the impression the hair flows naturally and effortlessly from your scalp.

  • Designed with the finest quality human hair
  • Natural looking & free-flowing
  • Incredibly comfortable & cool
  • Thin, durable base for max comfort
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Our Wigs

Below is a sample of our wigs. Click below to view the details any wig or view our entire catalog at www.adwigs.com.

Rockett 12″ French Top

European Wigs_ Rockett 12″ French Top

Rockett 14″ Lace Front

European Wigs_ Rockett 14″ Lace Front

Rockett 16″ French Top

European Wigs_ Rockett 16″ French Top

Rockett 20″ Lace Front

European Wigs_ Rockett 20″ Lace Front
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