HairPlaceNYC Gives Free Wig to Teenager BoyMy son Cody has had Alopecia since he was two. He has always felt out of place with no hair (even though hes got the perfect shaped bald head and the bluest eyes). OK I might be bias…he is mine, lol. We had tried to get a hairpiece one other time. It was a long process to do it.. We had to paper mache his head for the fit and sent the final mold back. Then we waited weeks to get the final wig. It was exciting for Cody when it finally came in but it was very long and not cut in any sort of style…we then had it cut by a great hair stylist, we loved. She did her best, but it never looked right…even with a product to shape it. I don’t know what happened. Nevertheless he wore it on and off until he outgrew it 3 years ago. Now he is 14 and self image is huge. Everything is about girls, friends and being cool of course. Two months ago though he started to pester me again to apply for another wig and I somehow we ended up on your site. The process was so simple and easy just a measurement of head, mailing info, and pic of style. I didn’t know what to expect…maybe a box with directions for another long, hard, process…I know We never expected a wig to come in the mail just a few weeks later. It was that quick. He was ecstatic when he saw it! It fits him perfect…style, color and all. The style is very current for a teenager. What a great job you did on it! Thank you so much for helping my son and in the process are building up his confidence 100%! As soon as he put it on. I could tell he felt awesome wearing it. He glowed.

Andrew, you are doing an incredible thing, with offering free wigs for kids suffering with baldness OR hair loss. I know you must realize what an incredible difference your making in each child’s life every time you ship a free hairpiece out. You and your team are all heroes to do this. It means so much. For years I have watched my son struggle to fit in. He was constantly picked on by his peers wherever he went. Nobody wants to be or feel “different”. I think that this new wig will help Cody in so many ways. From the bottom of my heart…all i can say THANK YOU ???? and God bless.