Diem Brown Blogs I Became Wig ObsessedIn her PEOPLE.com blog, Diem Brown, the Real World/Road Rules Challenge contestant recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time.

First, thank you all so very much for your comments. I honestly read all of them and love hearing your thoughts and opinions. And who doesn’t love blessings/words of encouragement? 😉

Now comes the “fun” part: Looking for a wig. I had donated the wig from my first bout with ovarian cancer, obviously never thinking that the cancer would return and hoping another patient could use it during their fight.

The Search For A New Wig Begins

I took out the list of New York City wig shops that the nurse had given me and started calling from top to bottom. Some of them had gone out of business or were wrong numbers. Some of them required an appointment, but were booked full for a week. And one wig shop charged a fee for every 20 minutes you were there for a consultation.

So Far, Not So Good

I Googled that last one, disgusted but curious about the patients’ reviews. Sure enough, it was patient after patient complaining about how this particular wig company was taking advantage of people undergoing chemotherapy. One patient said she spent over $150 on a consultation because she wanted to look at another wig store to compare prices.

Then I Found Andrew

From my Facebook post and Tweets, I complied a list of suggestions. I found out that the American Cancer Society, Cancer Care and the Y-ME Organization all give patients free wigs. I also got the names of three local wig shops that sell human-hair wigs. One of them was Andrew Disimone.

Andrew answered the phone right away and was the sweetest man, taking time to educate me, telling me about synthetic wigs with lace fronts that look amazingly real for a fraction of the cost. Andrew is an angel, as he also gives free wigs to kids going through chemotherapy.

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