Andrew DiSimone Donates Human Hair Wig to Injured Iraqi GirlNEW YORK CITY (April 16, 2013) – HairPlaceNYC, a leading New York City salon specializing in hair care and hair replacement solutions, today announced it has continued its long-standing tradition of giving and philanthropy by donating a cut and styled 14″ long hand-tied human hair wig to Teeba Furat Fadhil Marlowe, a courageous 11-year-old girl severely injured in Iraq. Located on the upper east side of Manhattan, HairPlaceNYC has offered a range of services such as cutting, coloring and hair styling for more than two decades. HairPlaceNYC is the first salon in New York City to offer both hair care and hair replacement solutions – all in one place.

When Teeba was just 19 months old, she sustained severe burns to her face, head and hands when an insurgent bomb detonated in Iraq near a taxi she was sharing with her father and three-year-old brother. In the explosion, Teeba’s father suffered minor injuries, but her brother, Yousef, died on impact. Touched by Teeba’s story, Barbara Marlowe, of Ohio, reached out to the family and made the case to bring the then five-year-old Teeba from Iraq to the United States for medical treatment. Under the guardian care of Barbara, Teeba, who now resides in Ohio, has undergone 17 ground-breaking surgeries to repair her burned skin and facial tissue, and has made great strides in both her appearance and self-esteem. However, since Teeba is unable to grow new hair, she is reliant on a natural-looking hair replacement solution.

“Our daughter, Teeba, came from Iraq when she was five years old, severely burned on her hands, face and head, leaving her terribly scarred with virtually no hair,” exclaimed Barbara Marlowe. “Teeba recently completed her 17th surgery to repair the skin to her face and yet, the single most important thing to her, was to get hair. She’s had a few wigs, and recently we had Andrew outfit her with a wig that has brought such joy and a huge smile to her beautiful face. Thank you, Andrew, for creating the perfect style, length and color for our little angel. This particular wig is lighter in weight and looks like she never lost a hair on her head. We are so very grateful. Andrew is a slice of heaven on Earth!”

“As soon as I heard about Teeba through Carliz Sotelo Teauge, CEO of and, and her journey from Iraq to the United States and how important hair is to her, I knew I wanted to be involved to help her look and feel great,” explained Andrew DiSimone, owner and hair stylist at HairPlaceNYC. “We sent Teeba a custom-made, 14″ long human hair wig that we cut and styled at my salon in New York City. To help improve the wig fitment and her overall experience, we have invited Teeba and her family to visit HairPlaceNYC where we can fit her with a custom base using a mold of her head. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Teeba’s guardian, Barbara, for allowing HairPlaceNYC to offer our hair replacement solutions and services for this great cause!”

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With more than 25 years in the business, DiSimone volunteers weekly at the American Cancer Society’s NYC Hope Lodge to cut and style wigs for the Free Wigs Program. Through HairPlaceNYC, DiSimone also manages similar programs such as and where you can sponsor a child wig and keep in touch with that child through their recovery and where Andrew connects donors of wigs to the recipients in need of a wig who are less fortunate. For more information on Andrew’s exclusive line of wigs, please visit