Beautiful false eyebrows without the need for expensive transplant surgery

Eyebrow Wig BrochureWho doesn’t like having a full set of eyebrows? Every woman has a desire to enhance their eyebrows – having them appear shapely, well-formed and fuller. Plus they are important for facial symmetry. They can be used to enhance your look for a special occasion, and a beautiful solution for those who have thin or no eyebrows due to over-plucking, scars, genetic causes, chemotherapy, Alopecia or stress. False brows are a great alternative to permanent makeup, risky and expense tattoos, and time-consuming stencils.


The closest thing to natural brows ever developed

Our eyebrow wigs are 100% human hair injected into an ultra-thin, semi-transparent and flexible base for a natural appearance. The hairs are carefully placed to simulate the growth pattern of real eyebrows, and bond in seconds with special adhesive, easy to apply, sturdy, and removable/reusable. We offer a variety of shapes, colors and thickness to compliment your face. Our eyebrows:

  • Are made from 100% human hair
  • Offer maximum comfort
  • Bond in seconds
  • Come in a variety of shapes, colors, thickness

How to apply false eyebrows

  1. Using cotton balls/astringent, remove makeup and oil near eyebrow area
  2. Peel the false eyebrows off protective backing one at a time
  3. Place eyebrow on your face to make sure it fits. Trim bows with eyebrow trimmer if needed
  4. Coat back of brow with light coat of adhesive glue. Let dry for a few minutes until glue is sticky
  5. Lightly press the eyebrows exactly where you want it on your face
  6. Enjoy! (Human hair eyebrows last for 2-3 days)

We can apply them for you or set up a one-on-one session to show you how to do it yourself. Schedule an appointment today:

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