About 7 years ago, Christine noticed her hair was falling out in large clumps when she took a shower. She started doing research, and doctors said she had Alopecia. It was a difficult period. She decided to do something more serious and find a place that makes great wigs; a place that knows what she was going through.

Christine saw a video online of Andrew DiSimone talking about a “bonded system”. She came into his hair salon for a free wig consultation. She decided to get Andrew’s hand-tied Human hair bonded wig with an ‘Easy On/Off’ design. The new wig made her look like herself again; it gave her the freedom to go about her daily life. Watch video to see Christine getting her new wig from HairPlaceNYC.

Christine's head shot

“My husband and I came in to meet Andrew, and he really did care. There are so many different options with wigs, and Andrew suggested a bonded Human hair, all lace system, which can be worn every day like my own hair. I loved it; it was like having my own hair back. I wanted to be me again, and Andrew’s wig was the closest I’ve been in five years.”