Eyebrow Wigs ExistMy mom’s makeup motto: if you only have time to do one thing before you walk out the door, it should be your brows. Brows have been taking the spotlight for the last few months with eyebrow extensions and #eyebrowsonfleek taking over the Internet. But what about women who have no arches to begin with, whether due to alopecia or chemotherapy? “Cancer affects all hair; you have to think about lashes, body hair, nose hair, and eyebrows,” explained Andrew DiSimone, owner of HairPlaceNYC. His salon has specialized in hair replacement systems for the last 15 years, and last year he started offering eyebrow wigs. “It’s just a miniature version of what we were doing with wigs.”

While they are most helpful for women with very sparse brows, we took these innovative arches for a test run. For three days I wore the wigs. I worried that people would start to stare, or I’d lose a brow on the subway — but neither occurred. Surprisingly, the faux arches were unrecognizable to most. Even my best friends didn’t realize they were fakes! They just looked like I had filled in my brows with dark pencil. In the end, the eyebrow wigs became a time-saving and cost-effective solution. One set of arches costs $95 and lasts up to six months, a price equivalent to the spoolie brush, creams, gels, and powders I already have in my arch arsenal. Keep reading to find out more about my three-day wig-wearing experience.

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