How To Get & Keep Lively Hair - Part IHow many times have you wished you can keep that fresh “salon look” days and even weeks after your last appointment? After your salon visit, it’s only a matter of time until your hair loses its style and shine. While you’re not going to be a hair stylist from reading this blog, there are a few things you can do on a daily basis that will help you maintain your hair.

While looking good does take time, we can teach you a few simple steps that will help you preserve your hair style” says Andrew DiSimone, salon owner.

Tip #1: Reduce that nighttime tangled mess!
At night, place your hair in a high loose bun, using a fabric scrunchy (elastic ties can cause dents or creases in your hair). In addition, sleep on a silk or satin pillow case to eliminate frizz.
Tip #2: Morning touch up!
Spend no more than 5 minutes touching up your hair with the same styling tool used to style your hair the day before, in order to reduce over styling.
Tip #3: Use less products!
Use fewer styling products to retouch your hair (e.g. mousse, hairspray, oil sheens, some gels). They build up and weigh your hair down.
Tip #4: Stay away from moisture!
Wear a sweatband and use a towel frequently at the gym, and quickly cool off your head on humid days (I like sticking my head near a cool A/C) to absorb sweat and moister that can ruin your style.
Tip #5: Protect your hair in the shower!
Clip your hair in a bun, wrap it in a small terry cloth towel, and cover it with plastic shower cap to prevent your hair from absorbing steam.