How high-quality human hair ended up being donated to Free Wigs for Kids

Human Hair Donated for WigsGoing through her late father’s possessions, Sheila, a southern California woman, wasn’t surprised by anything she found. Why? Because her late father, who passed away from cancer in December, was a warehouse manager for a moving company.

“Over the years, people would leave behind items or decide they didn’t want things,” Sheila said. “So he’d eventually come into possession of stuff these people didn’t want or need. He’d collect things that could be useful to someone or maybe had value.” And that’s how Sheila came to be in possession of six boxes worth of human hair extensions, over 650 pieces worth. And there was only one thing to do with them.

“I contacted several people. Pantene referred me to the American Cancer Society, who referred me to Andrew DiSimone, who runs the non-profit Free Wigs for Kids.” Days later, the hair made it’s journey across the country to be used not only for Free Wigs for Kids but also with another non-profit, Children With Hair Loss.

“It’s such a random story how we got connected,” Andrew Disimone said. “Who would think an employee of a Moving Company would end up with such a cache of high-quality human hair?” And Sheila and her family – two sisters and her mom – are thrilled knowing the hair is going to help kids battling all sorts of health issues, including cancer. “He passed away from cancer, so it’s very apropos it’s going to help children who also have cancer,” she said. “This is very powerful for us, knowing the hair is from him. It’s like he’s still here and still doing good things for people. He’d be proud and happy to know where the hair ended up.”

If you are interested in making a hair or monetary donation to Children with Hairloss, please contact Free Wigs for Kids or