Women, every day, all over the world, wake up and style their hair. Whether it’s taking the time to curl it, straighten it, gel it, or just throwing it up in a bun… it’s a statement of our identity. What if, one day, it were all gone? For so many women, that is the harsh reality of breast cancer.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Glam Lab sits down with two extremely brave women battling breast cancer, and one selfless hair stylist. Mimi Stein has underdone her breast surgery and is about to start chemo therapy; and Wendy Zeichner has gone through chemo and is now about to start her radiation. After sitting down with these two women, it became clear they both felt the same way: the hardest part of breast cancer is losing your hair. They both feel, it’s easier to deal with the pain, than look in the mirror and see someone they didn’t recognize.

That’s where hair stylist, and wig specialist, Andrew DiSimone comes in. Andrew, who has been named “the wig whisperer”, offered a wig for medical hair loss for Mimi, and a halo wig for Wendy. Not only does Andrew own a hair salon on the Upper East Side that specializes in wigs, he volunteers at The American Cancer Society for their Free Wig Program. Once a week, he helps women feel like themselves again by finding and styling each one of them the perfect wig.