Tips for Buying a Hairpiece

Are you considering a hair system or hair club? If so, below are a few questions to help you determine which hair salon is right for you.

1) How is the hair tied to the hair piece?
Avoid spending any money on a hair system that was machine-tied. While machine-made (or weft) systems are less expensive, they can’t compare with our hand-tied hair pieces. On weft systems, visually you can see the lines of hair, as opposed to individual hairs appearing to grow out of your scalp. Weft systems do not flow naturally either. Bottom line, though hand-tied hair systems are more expensive, they look far more natural as if it is your own hair growing out of your scalp.

2) What type of hair should I use?
Typically, hair comes in two types: Human and Synthetic. Most guys choose their hair type based on cost. It’s important to also consider the length of your hair and your daily activities. For example, if you want long hair, we do not recommend Synthetic because the fibers will fray in 6-12 months. If you are around heat (i.e. cooking), Heat Resistant Synthetic is recommended. Human hair is a great option, overall; it looks most natural; it’s easier to style; and you can use any styling tools, including a heated blow-dryer, which is something you cannot do with Synthetic. When buying Human hair, make sure the density, and denier (or thickness) matches your own.

3) What attachment method should I use?
The three most common methods is liquid adhesive, adhesive tape and clip-on. You should choose a method based your level of activity (working out, swimming, etc), and how much maintenance you are willing to do daily. Whatever method you choose, make sure your hair piece is secure and comfortable to wear. Bonded or adhesive systems are the most natural.

  • Liquid Adhesive: Liquid adhesives come in solvent-based and water-based formulas. Solvent-based formulas are more popular because they hold the hair piece better. Liquid adhesives is a little easier to apply at home if necessary.
  • Adhesive Tape: While tape is easier to apply, they typically hold for a shorter period of time (3-6 weeks depending on activity). If you plan to remove your hair system more often, say to clean your head, you should consider tape. Adhesive tape also comes in different levels of strength to suit both short-term and long-term hair wearers. The tape’s color (i.e., blue, red) and construction (i.e., mesh) indicates it’s strength.
  • Clip-On’s: Clip-ons will give you longer wear because you take them on and off daily. But beware, clip-on’s can cause hairs to fall out due to the traction of clipping in the same spot.

4) How do I get the look I want?
One of the most important factors in choosing a hair piece is its base design (i.e., all skin, all lace, lace skin combination). The hairstyle you desire indicates the type of base you choose. For example, if you want your hair up and off your face, a lace front system is a must. To make the hair piece look more natural, the system should match the density of the hair on the sides of your head, and, the front hairline should meet with the hair on the side temples with a slight recession. It’s also important to communicate your preferences with your stylist before you purchase a hair system, and before you get it restyled.

5) What about price?
Before investing in a hair piece, hair club or hair salon, make sure you completely understand their prices and programs. For first-time wearers, we suggest start by investing in a single system, as opposed to a monthly program, to ensure it’s right for you. Also, make sure the salon has a program to fit your lifestyle and budget. For example, extremely active men would need a program that allows them to change hair systems more frequently throughout the year. And ask the salon what is, and what’s not, included in their monthly programs (i.e., new systems, head cleaning, installation, styling, hair products, etc).

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