TIP: Wash your wig approximately every 10-14 wears.

  1. Prepare Hair: Be sure to gently brush your hair system with a large toothed comb or brush starting at the ends and work your way slowly up the hair shaft to the root area before getting the hair wet.
  2. Wash Hair: Place two 2 capfuls of shampoo provided to cool water (for synthetic) or warm water (for human hair). Mix gently until water it is sudsy.
  3. Swish Hair: In order to decrease matting, DO NOT drop wig into water or rub/twist the hair. Hold the wig gently and swish it back and forth in water. Let hair trail behind the wig so it doesn’t tangle.
  4. Rinse Hair: Use cool water (for synthetic) or warm water (for human hair). Hold wig and swish hair repeatedly until product is completely rinsed. Use towel to blot hair dry. Do not rub, brush or comb.


  • Human Hair: Place wig on a flat surface with hair flowing in all the same direction. Apply conditioner provided to ends of hair with hands. Start to comb hair with wide tooth comb from the ends, continuing up the hair shaft to within two inches of the root area. Try not to get too much conditioner on root area as it can possibly make knots slip.
  • Synthetic Hair: Rinse or fill basin with clean COOL water, and place two 2 capfuls of conditioner in water and gently rinse or use spray conditioner daily.

Dry & Style

Blot dry your hair; do not ring or twist. Towel blot hair dry and place wig on Styrofoam head provided. Be sure to position the wig so it is level on the head to ensure the correct part placement (left or right). Part hair in the direction you would like the hair to fall when wig is dry. Let air dry to maintain the soft touch and shine.

  • Human Hair: Once hair is thoroughly dry you can use heat (blow dryer, flat, or curling iron) to style it just like your own hair. Apply desired hair products, wig shines, hair sprays and gels.
  • Synthetic Hair: DO NOT USE HEAT TO STYLE IT OR IT WILL MELT! Once washed properly, it will bounce back to its original shape and texture. Apply desired hair products, wig shines, hair sprays and gels.
  • Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair: Clean and condition as you would synthetic. Then spray heat treatment on wig prior to using flat iron or curling iron. Use spray on conditioner daily and comb ends with wide toothed comb from the bottom up. Do not to pull hard on knotted hair, and be sure your styling tool is NO HOTTER THAN 250 degrees.

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