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 24 reviews
by Wylie Weeks on HairPlaceNYC
Man’s full wig
Stylist: Andrew

Could not be more pleased. I just picked up my full head wig from Andrew. It was perfect.
The fit, the color, the cut. I have a shaved head and need a full wig not just a hair piece.
To me these have been very difficult to have made for me to fit just right. I couldnt be
happier with the one I just got from Andrew. Andrew thank you so much . Wylie

by Mary on HairPlaceNYC
Outstanding person/stylist
Stylist: Alexandra Lopez

Alexandra is an excellent stylist! She understands perfectly the sought after results with the wigs and is able to immediately create the desired effect. Her eye is unerring and she also has a lovely disposition.

by Paula on HairPlaceNYC
Elise is the best
Stylist: Elise

After trying many hair loss solutions, I came to hair HairPlace nyc after reading the great reviews online. I worked with Elise who was very kind, as well as extremely knowledgeable, as to what might work for me. We chose a human hair wig that mirrored my hair style and was very natural looking. She did an awesome job perming, coloring, and cutting It to make it look as becoming as possible. She did such great work that my son and daughter in-law thought it was my real hair when I met them for dinner that evening. Elise, you are definitely the best! Thanks so much.

by Janice Rinaldi on HairPlaceNYC
The best place ever!
Stylist: Suzie

I’ve lost more than half my hair and all my confidence. Having had a bad experience when I purchased a wig from one of the shops that sell wigs. It was a store and it certainly wasn’t run by professionals. So this time I did the research, chose this salon, and made an appointment with Suzie. Best decision ever. Suzie took the time to fit me with a human hair wig with the style I wanted. The added bonus was her suggestion to try a different color. I couldn’t believe it was me. I never looked that good. The style, the hair itself along with the color makes me look 10 years younger. If you are struggling with hair loss, this is the place to visit. Ask for Suzie and you can’t go wrong.

by Loida Millan on HairPlaceNYC
Great Experience!
Stylist: Shanta

After my first Chemo treatment my doctor as well as friends suggested I prepare for the future hair loss and get a wig. I was very apprehensive about this idea...still somewhat in denial I guess. Andrew DiSimone sat with me for a little while and made me feel at ease. Then the fabulous hair dresser Shanta took over. She was so kind and patient with all my questions and adjustments so that I must admit I felt like a new person when leaving the salon. Feel totally blessed to have such caring people to turn to during this stressful time in my life. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone looking to improve their appearance with a wig. Just can't thank them enough for the experience.

by Paige B. on HairPlaceNYC
Susie is the best colorist!
Stylist: Susie

I’ve been following Susie for over 10 years now because she does the best, most subtle highlights I’ve ever had. People often compliment the color and ask who does it. Well she’s the one!

by Sharon on HairPlaceNYC
Happy to find Alex
Stylist: Alexandra Lopez

Thanks to Alex for helping me select a wig. Her unassuming and disarming manner reflect a calm non judgmental attitude that helps make the loss of hair and the purchase of a wig tolerable. Also, she and, it seems, others who work at the Hair Place do not push for a sale. I appreciate and recommend the Hair Place and am especially glad that I found Alex to help me.

by Holly on HairPlaceNYC
Stylist: Elise Cole

CANCER is scary to say the least, I had no idea what I wanted or needed. Elise Cole made an extremely difficult situation a breeze! She educated me on the different types of wigs, she patiently went through the process of trying on MANY wigs.....I completely trusted her to help me choose the correct cut and fit. She did an AWESOME PERM on the wig!! When it was time to shave my head Eluse was kind, compassionate with a sweet sense of humor and always with a smile!! She took her time, fit and fine tuned the wig specifically for my head and face. I left with all the supplies I needed to care for my wig, I left feeling relaxed, happy and looked about twenty years younger with my new hairdo. Wish I could post pictures because she was also very patient with my photo journaling....THANK YOU ELISE COKE AND HAIR PLACE NYC!!!

by Eileen Leonard on HairPlaceNYC
Alex was great!
Stylist: Alex

I came to the salon in anticipation of losing my hair in the next few weeks due to chemo for breast cancer. Alex was patient and generous with her time, while being fun to work with. She made me feel totally comfortable as I tried several wigs and then later when I had second thoughts about the one I had chosen. I highly recommend the salon, for Alex and for the very nice support staff.

by Fran on HairPlaceNYC
Stylist: Alexandra

Alexandra was a pleasure to work with. She made a difficult situation much easier to deal with. She had a ton of patients in picking out the correct coloring and cutting of my hair. She made a difficult day, not so difficult. She was warm and soothing. She made both my synthetic and real hair wigs look like my hair. When shaving off my hair, she was gentle and comforting. I can't say enough nice things about the salon. The owner sat down with us and he was a pleasure to deal with as well. I would highly recommend Alexandra and the salon.

by Maria on HairPlaceNYC
Awesome Service
Stylist: Alexandra Lopez

So happy with Alexa, she helped me pick the right thing for me without pressure and she took her time, and showed me a variety of options, she explained them to me how they are different, how to style them etc. I received my wig today (since I came form out of town) and it came with a brush and other goodies.

by Susi E on HairPlaceNYC
crème de la crème transformation
Stylist: Nicole

It's hard to put into the words the transformation I saw in a dear friend of mine when she received her wig. She had been injured in the Iraq war when she was only 4 years old and the 11 years of cranial surgeries that followed, left her with large bald areas. Now 16 and finally finished with all surgical procedures your wig could not have come at a better time. The confidence she now exudes, not to mention the ever present smile on her face, is truly magical. It has been awfully hard to witness the difficult journey she has had to navigate her way through over the years and to have it end in such a positive way...for that, Andrew and Nicole....I can't thank you enough!

by Lesley M. on HairPlaceNYC
Thank you for helping me pick out a hair piece
Stylist: Elise

Elise helped me pick out a hair piece for help with alopecia - she was very personable and we went outside twice to get a better look at swatches compared to my hair color in a natural light. Once my piece arrived, she trimmed it for me, gave me lots of advice, and then I took it to my own salon of many years and they put a rinse on it to match the color even better, said it didn't require any further trimming, and that it was one of the best pieces they'd seen. It looks very natural, is quite comfortable to wear and blends in with my hair well. Very grateful for the reasonable price and the assistance I got in making a purchase.

by Linda McNamara on HairPlaceNYC
So happy that we found this place
Stylist: Alexandra

We're so happy that we found this place. On the day that my daughter was diagnosed with cancer (and learned that she would be needing chemotherapy that would cause her to lose her hair), we stopped in this shop because it was near her doctor's office and we'd read some good reviews. Although we did not have an appointment, the owner of the shop, Andrew, met with use and showed us the types of wigs that were available. He tried a few on her, which helped her to fell a bit better about how she would look after losing her hair.

Working with Alex, my naturally brunette daughter picked out a blonde wig (because, if you have to go through chemotherapy, you might as well be blonde when doing it!). Alex then added some darker roots to the wig to make it look more natural. The end result is fantastic--you would never know that she's wearing a wig. She get compliments all the time.

We also had Nicole at the shop make a halo wig out of my daughter's own hair. After my daughter's first chemo treatment but before she started losing her hair, Alex cut her hair very short into a cute pixie, preserving her own hair for the halo wig. Nicole made the halo wig, which gives my daughter the option of wearing her own hair under a baseball cap or other hat. It should give her a chance to feel more like herself during this difficult time.

Thanks to all involved at the Hair Place! We had a great experience and, although it's certainly not inexpensive, we would definitely recommend it to others.

by Vanessa Mendoza on HairPlaceNYC
I highly recommend HairPlace NYC
Stylist: Suzie

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with Lichen Planopilaris, a rare type of scarring alopecia. About half of my hair has already fallen out and eventually I will lose all of it. Like other women struggling with hair loss, I was devastated. My self esteem was low, was constantly trying to rearrange my hair trying to hide the bald spots. Grew so tired of peoples eyes going straight to my scalp when face to face with them.

I’ve never worn a wig before so I started searching the internet. Thats how I found HairPlace NYC. They had rave reviews and the more I read, the more I felt this was the place that could help me! I made an appointment for a wig consultation. At my appointment I met with Suzie. She is amazing! I immediately felt comfortable with her and enjoyed my first wig experience. Suzie took her time with me. No rushing at all. She showed me many wigs, put them on me and educated me on the differences in each type. I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. I chose a human hair wig that day and picked it up 2 weeks later. And OMG I was in love with this wig.. My wig, in the perfect matching color, made just for me! Suzie trimmed the lace and cut baby hairs on it for me. It was gorgeous. I put it on and felt like myself again. I felt pretty again!

I highly recommend HairPlace NYC. Their welcoming staff are professional and friendly. And I highly recommend seeing Suzie. She’s absolutely wonderful. Thanks again Suzie!

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