Head First Therapy

Prevent hair loss by improving the health of your scalp!

During your next haircut (or sooner), receive a FREE scalp analysis, scalp massage and cleansing scalp treatment – from a certified Hair and Scalp Specialist. If needed, we’ll give you 25% off all Capilia products.

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What is Head First?

Head First is hair loss prevention. The causes of hair thinning or hair loss can be identified through a complete assessment of your scalp using a micro-camera. A Head First Hair and Scalp Specialist provides a treatment plan to meet your needs, including in-salon treatments, home care products and laser therapy.

Who? Men and women, typically between 20-45 years old. Even if you have a full head of hair, it’s still a good idea to get a “check-up.” You have nothing to lose (except your hair).

We are the ONLY “Head First” certified salon in Manhattan

Most people ignore even the most common symptoms of an unhealthy scalp. As a certified Trichology Hair and Scalp Center, we diagnose and treat scalp diseases that cause hair loss/hair thinning (consider us your dermatologist for hair loss). Using the most advanced treatments and technology available, we help prevent thinning hair, breakage and hair loss by keeping your scalp clean and free of residuals such as DHT’s, balancing the skin’s PH level, moisturizing and stimulating blood flow under the skin where follicle lives.

Don’t ignore these common symptoms: Skin inflammation, Dryness, Itching, Seasonal shedding, Redness, Dandruff, Oily scalp, Scaly plaques

Scalp Packages

Scalp Detox Treatment: $175

This service includes a scalp analysis (a $125 value) and 7-step scalp detox treatment which takes approximately 90 minutes. The scalp analysis is done with a 200X ProScope Scalp Microscope. The detox process includes:

  • Scalp exfoliating with natural boar’s hair brush – 3 minutes
  • Deep cleansing scalp shampoo
  • Deep cleansing scalp detox treatment under heat cap – 25 mins
  • 1 purifying lotion treatment – 15 mins
  • 1 neutral shampoo – 3 mins
  • 1 sealing conditioner – 5 mins
  • 1 printed prescription recommendation card
  • Blow dry not included
  • Allow approximately 2 hours

Chemo Therapy Kit: $170

For those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, capillary and sebaceous gland activity is sharply reduced causing the scalp and skin to considerably dry out and cause temporary hair loss.

Post Natal Treatments: $295

For women who have lost hair after child birth. Treatments are designed to stimulate and cleanse the scalp to allow shedding and regenerate dormant hair follicles.

Low-Level Light Laser Therapy

  • In-salon treatments: $2000
  • In-home machine: $2500
  • Laser Helmets: $695
  • Laser Combs: $495