HairPlaceNYC Gives Free Wig to Girl Before PromSydney was 15 year old junior in high school when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on May 7, 2013. She did loose her hair after a few weeks of having chemotherapy, which was so devastating to watch her go through. Sydney’s aunt Erin started researching the Internet and found Andrew DiSimone.

Getting her first wig

After contact Andrew at HairPlaceNYC, she immediately got a response. Andrew asked us to sent pictures of Sydney before loosing her hair, and he was confident that he could make Sydney smile with a wig made of real hair. On July 10, we visited Andrew at his salon in New York, and he delivered on his promise. I can still remember that smile on Sydney’s face!

Hair extensions for her big day

Sydney completed chemotherapy and radiation on December 2013. Her hair started growing back, and she had almost 4″ of hair the beginning of May 2014. For her junior prom, we contacted Andrew again, but this time for hair extensions and a special hair style for her special day. Andrew paired us with Saskia, one of his top hair stylists that specializes in extensions. After conversations with Saskia, we planned another trip to New York. And Saskia did an excellent job. Sydney look absolutely stunning for her prom.

Thank you Andrew & Saskia and everyone at HairPlaceNYC for everything they have done for my daughter Sydney McEvoy. We will be forever grateful!

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