Hair Extensions 101

Your guide to perfect hair extensions!

Q: How long do you plan on wearing hair extensions?

A: The hair extension method you choose is partly based on why you are wearing extensions. I typically ask my clients if they are wearing extensions for a special occasion or for a long-term permanent use. For short-term wearers, it’s also important to know where you plan on wearing the extensions (humid island, sweaty night club, well-lit conference). For long-term wearers, it’s important to know if you desire the convenience of leaving it in or prefer the option of taking it off more frequently.

Q: What color, length and texture would you like your hair to be?

A: When we give you extensions, we consider the length, density (how much hair you want to add), volume (the distance the hair lifts from the scalp), texture, hair type/texture, and color/tone. HairPlaceNYC carries over 50 colors, including blonde shades and highlights. Our hair comes in 30-70cm extensions. The hair can be straight, wavy or permed, and can contain either a soft, natural or deep wave.

What is the difference between Human vs. Synthetic hair?

Human Remi Hair: 1 year w/ care (approx.)
Synthetic Hair: 1-3 months

Human Remi Hair: Can be styled w/ heating tools, wider range of styling versatility. Like natural hair, style can be affected by humidity
Synthetic Hair: May melt when exposed to heat. Polymer synthetic hair is heat resistant

Human Remi Hair: Can be colored. Highlights can be added
Synthetic Hair: Cannot be color treated. Will cause damage

Human Remi Hair: Natural look, blends well with your own hair, reflects light the way natural hair would
Synthetic Hair: Blends well with your own hair to create an undetectable look

Human Remi Hair: Requires a bit more maintenance
Synthetic Hair: Has “memory” and will hold its style

Human Remi Hair: More expensive
Synthetic Hair: Less expensive

Which is the best hair extension and method of attachment?

There are many types of hair extensions and methods of attaching the hair. Common hair extension types include hot fusion, cold fusion, weaves, micro links, strip bonds clip-in, and Brazilian knots. The extensions can be applied (or attached) to your hair using a strand-by-strand, sew-in or bonding technique. Based on your hair type, why you are wearing extensions and your budget, we can help you choose the best option for you.

How often would you like to change your extensions?

We recommended to remove your extensions every 3 to 5 months, depending on the bond sizes and a person’s natural hair loss process. Some clients like to change their extensions more often, while others go as long as possible to save time and money.

Are you OK with bonds, glues, other adhesives or tight knots?

Some extension wearers prefer not to use chemical bonding, glues or tight knotting because they can put a strain on your hair. Some wearers are OK with using this method. HairPlaceNYC has perfected their hair extension technique in order to reduce damage to your own hair during application and removal.

What is the “skill level” of the person adding the extensions?

Whether you are using a hair dresser, certified hair stylist, an extensionist, a friend or doing it yourself, we always suggest using someone that has the patience and know-how of applying (and removing) extensions.

Are you looking for the most convenient method of hair extension?

In most cases, the more intricate the process the more natural the extensions will look and feel, and the more they will cost. Some clients simply look for greater ease and speed at which the extensions can be applied. Depending on the number of extensions, they can be applied between 1-4 hours.